Camping Villa Rey ( Strada Val San Martino Superiore, 27, 10131 Torino, Italy +39 331 505 0822 (Mobile)

If you have a tent and want to stay in Torino cheaply, this is a good option. The camp site costs € 7.50/day and can be split amongst 3 to 4 people, plus €7.50 per person/day.  In order to get to Camping Villa Rey from Porta Susa train station, buy a bus ticket at any Tobacco store (white ‘T’ with black or blue background) or Newspaper stand.  Find the tram stop for the #13 tram (black sign i with a yellow 13 inside that goes toward city center–‘Gran Madre” stop is located above the current stop) and signal (hold out your arm) for the 13 tram.  Get on and validate your ticket in the yellow/orange ticket validator.  Take the bus till it ends #480 “Gran Madre” and exit.  Walk toward the river, but don’t cross the main street, and then turn right.  At your next bus stop take bus #61 and exit at #1812 “Gabetti.”  Continue in the direction the bus is going till the next street, and then turn right on Corso Gabetti.  Go to the first bus stop and take bus #54 up the hill. Tell the driver you need “la fermata” (the stop) #1448 “San Martino Superiore.”  Walk downhill and make your first right on Strada Comunale Val San Martino Superiore.  Stay on this road for 450 meters, Camping Villa Rey is on your left.

In order to get to Il Rifugio from the campground, retrace your steps, taking bus 54 to “Borromini” and then walk across the street toward the river and take bus 61 till stop #477 “San Ottavio.”  Walk in the direction of the bus’s path and make your first right on Via Sant’ Ottavio.  At your second street, turn left on Via Gaudenzio Ferrari and go one block.  Make your next right on Via Montebello and Il Rifugio is #21 on your left.


Hotel San Maurizio ( Corso San Maurizio, 31 10124 Torino, Italy 011 882434

If you don’t have a tent, this is a very simple and inexpensive option, especially for 2-3 people who want to stay in one place.  They typically give our English Club participants a discount of about €20 per night.  The hotel is one block from Il Rifugio, where we pack for our reNEW, reNEW Lite, reCALL & reCALL Lite adventures.  In order to get there from Il Rifugio (IR), stand with your back to IR, turn left and go across the main street (Corso San Maurizio).  Immediately turn left on the side street to Corso San Maurizio and walk half a block.  Hotel San Maurizio is on the right at #31 in a large apartment like building.  Ring the door bell & ask for Giusy.  They are on the 4th floor.

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