Greetings Parents!

Below you will find information that answers questions about the activities your child will be participating in, safety concerns, professional credentials, and most importantly provides helpful adventure preparation details and adventure release forms. As a young ministry who desires to excel at outdoor adventure activities for youth we hope that you’ll find this information helpful.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.  With over 3 years experience in outfitting Italy’s guests and families.  it’s a privilege to serve you!

What Inquiring Parents Want to Know

Listed below are some important forms you will need in order to prepare for your child’s adventures with us.

Reservations Policies

Please Call for specific Program Reservations Policies

Release Forms

Gear List

If your child is participating in any of our adventures, you will need to download the “Adventure Release Form” and Health History/Consent Form above.  Please Contact Us with any questions.

Our Staff

Recruited from around the World, our hard working, intelligent, relational and service oriented staff is hand-picked and trained to meet the needs of each individual that attend our adventures. All of our guides are certified in First Aid/CPR. The ITW staff is hired through an application and interview process and is considered on the basis of character, previous related experience, teachability, trustworthiness in working with young people, and competence.

In addition, our staff provides younger participants with the unique opportunity to interact with young adults who deeply desire to be solid role models for today’s high school & college students. Guides make every effort to build authentic relationships with our guests, whether it is during a half day white water rafting trip or a seven day wilderness backpacking adventure. No matter of where your child is from, or what their personality is like, rest assured that our staff of 5 will reach out to your son or daughter in a unique way this summer, providing them with an experience they will not soon to forget.

We believe that the quality of your child’s experience is greatly dependent upon the quality of our staff. Our guides love what they do and love sharing the outdoors and Northern Italy with others. For more information see “About” and “Our Staff”.

Staff Training

One of our ministry core values is a commitment to training. We take the training and preparation of our guides very seriously, because we desire to provide you with excellence and service each and every time you visit us. Therefore, we incorporate the highest standards of development in all of our training programs.

What does all of this mean? It means that we care about you, our guest, and that we are committed to providing the best outdoor experience available. We believe our preparation and attention to detail will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Into the Wilderness Experience

Established 2009 Services provided for over 5 Italian youth and family camps.

Safety Concerns

ITW works hard to minimize unnecessary risks and takes precaution with all activities we guide, as evident by our extensive guide training.  We have an excellent track record of managing risks and caring for our guests. We want your kids to have fun and to be challenged! Nonetheless, we want to provide an environment that neither puts them at unnecessary risk nor limits their potential to fully enjoy each and every activity.

Are outdoor adventure activities safe?

No, there are risks in any outdoor activity, whether you are rafting, backpacking, or rock climbing. These risks are what lend to the very nature of the experience and most often provide the excitement and adventure associated with the activity. Our guides undergo training, including learning principles of risk management and decision making that lend to minimizing, but never eliminating, the risk in each activity. No activity is risk free.

Into the Wilderness is a drug and alcohol free environment.

Contact Information

If at any time you need to contact your son or daughter, day or night, feel free to do so using the following information:

Office Hours: 9 to 18, CET
Office Phone: +39 333 9114967
Emergency Phone (Outside Office Hours): +39 011 1958 3608 (Emergency Only)

Do you have questions that are program specific? Contact the appropriate staff person:

Anthony Testa, Adventure Program:

Nikki Testa, Food Service:

Tiziano Calautti, reBOOT Family Camp:

Intern, Reservations:

If you would like to know a little bit more about who we are, please visit our About page.

Emergency Information

Ospedale Valdese in Torre Pellice (Valley of Pellice)

Via Matteo Gay, 34, 10066 Torre Pellice
0121 952611

Ospedale Civile Edoardo Agnelli  in Pinerolo (Valley of Chisone)

Via Brigata Cagliari, 39, 10064 Pinerolo
0121 2331

Ospedale Generale Regionale  in Aosta (Valley of Aosta)

Viale Ginevra, 3, 11100 Aosta
0165 543292

Italian Red Cross – Local Committee in Susa (Valley of Susa)

Corso Stati Uniti, 5, 10059 Susa Torino
0122 623149 ‎

Ospedale Molinette  in Torino

Corso Bramante, 88, 10126 Torino
011 633 1633 ‎

General Activity Schedules

  • reBOOT: Depart- 10:00, Return- 17:00
  • reNEW (7 days) & reNEW Lite (4 days): Depart- 6:00, Return- 18:00
  • reCALL (7 days) & reCALL Lite (4 days): Depart- 6:00, Return- 18:00
  • reTRAIN: Depart- 6:00, Return- 18:00

Activity Descriptions

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