What happens if the weather is bad?2015-01-27T18:52:43-07:00

With the exception of rock climbing, we will continue with all adventures in the case of inclement weather, taking all necessary precautions given the weather conditions (i.e. rain, hail, wind, lightning). A rock climb will be canceled if it is raining.

Can I make an alteration or amendment to my release form?2015-01-27T18:52:50-07:00

No changes or alterations are allowed to the release. Any release that we receive that has been altered, changed or is not signed by the proper parties will prohibit that guest or child from participating in the activity or going on any adventure. No refunds will be given if the release form has been altered, changed or not signed.

Do my children need to read, understand and sign the release form?2015-01-27T18:52:54-07:00

Yes, everyone going on the adventure must read, understand, and sign the release form.

What do I need to bring?2015-04-05T19:19:50-07:00

Please refer to the gear list.

Are we guaranteed a peak climb?2015-01-27T18:54:14-07:00

Peak climbs can never be guaranteed due to factors out of our control such as inclement weather or the condition of the group. Our guides will do everything possible to help you accomplish this goal, but are trained to recognize when it is appropriate to turn around given the safety and well being of the group.

Do we move our camp every day or stay in the same place?2015-01-27T18:54:20-07:00

On the majority of our adventures, you will move camp each night. This will depend on the route you are on and also the difficulty level you have requested for your wilderness backpacking adventure. Easier routes may include two nights where you stay in the same place. Other reasons for keeping camp in the same place include climbing a peak or wanting a considerable amount of time for fishing. When you book your adventure, we will make sure to understand your expectations and group’s ability so that we can assign an appropriate route.

What is the weight of an average pack?2015-01-27T18:54:25-07:00

Our guides will work to adequately distribute to your group the weight of food and community gear, depending on the size of each participant. An “average” pack might weigh 15-20 kilograms, but will vary depending on the size of each individual.

What does everyone else do while the others are rock climbing?2015-01-27T18:55:48-07:00

We can provide up to four different climbs to keep as many people in your group participating at once. The size of your group will dictate how many systems we set up. While not participating, people can help encourage others as they watch them climb or take time to relax and enjoy beautiful scenery. Our guides can also help by leading initiative games with those waiting.

How high is the rock climb and rappel?2015-01-27T18:55:52-07:00

At our primary rock climbing site, Belvedere di Fosse near Pont Valsavarenche, you will climb to and rappel from approximately 25 meters.

What is the class of rock climbing?2015-01-27T18:55:56-07:00

The climbs that we offer are rated between 4b-5c on the French Rating System (5.6-5.8 on the standard North American Rating System or the Yosemite Decimal System). These climbs are great for both beginners and those who have climbed before. Our guides will place you on a climb that is appropriate for your experience level.

If I have given a verbal reservation, but have not paid to reserve my spot by the deadline, will I still have a spot on the trip?2015-01-27T18:56:44-07:00

Yes, unless someone is on the waiting list.

If I have already paid for my adventure and an emergency comes up and I am unable to attend will I get a full refund?2015-01-27T18:56:39-07:00

You will be refunded all but your down payment.

I overpaid, what should I do?2015-01-27T18:56:34-07:00

Check to see if that money can be used for other people going on the adventure (they pay you, and your overpaid money is applied to their registration). If not, contact us at info@intothewilderness.eu.

How much does it cost for one of the adventures?2015-04-05T19:24:42-07:00

See Adventures page. To reserve your spot on one of the adventures you need to make a down payment of 30% of the total cost of the trip

Ho paura di ___!2015-05-19T19:28:00-07:00

È normale aver paura, ma spesso le paure ci impediscono di desiderare Dio nella nostra vita. Dobbiamo affrontare queste paure con Dio e lasciare che Egli trasformi ognuno di noi. “Ho cercato il Signore, e mi ha risposto e mi ha liberato da tutte le mie paure” (Salmo 34:4).

I am afraid of ______!2015-01-27T18:56:59-07:00

Fears are natural, and almost always block us from God’s desire for our lives.  Face those fears with God, and let Him transform you. Psalm 34:4 “I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all of my fears.”

What can I do to prepare for my adventure?2015-04-05T19:27:44-07:00

Physically – For all adventures it is recommended to do cardiovascular exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes a day 8 weeks prior to your arrival at ITW, preferably with an incline. Also, we recommend basic core training will help prepare you for all movements. See physical training for a list of exercises.
Spiritually – A great book for preparation is Colossians that focuses on who Jesus is, what he has done for you, and what difference that can make in your life. Additionally, all adventures have gleaned insight from Death by Love by Mark Driscoll. ReNEW participants could read Desiring God by John Piper. ReCALL participants could read The Way of the Heart by Henri Nouwen and/or From Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship by Jack Frost.

Can I bring my own gear? (Rafting, climbing, tent, etc.)2015-01-27T18:57:14-07:00

Yes, unless it could compromise group safety; (i.e.: climbing rope, helmet, etc.) Things like shoes, water bottles, and/or sleeping bags are welcome.

I want to grow as a disciple maker. How can I serve?2015-01-27T18:57:21-07:00

Another passion of ours is to train those who equip others to make disciples. Each adventure is broken down into smaller teams that we call discipleship triads who do life together for the week. A discipleship team leader serves their team by providing for their growth, protection, and direction.

I want to serve as an intern. How do I apply?2015-01-27T18:57:25-07:00

Contact us at info@intothewilderness.eu or +39 333 9114967.  It is our passion to train people who equip others to enjoy God for a lifetime!

I would like to bring a group on one of these adventures. What do I have to do to make this happen?2015-01-27T18:57:30-07:00

Determine the best time to bring people, the overall need of the group, and have an idea of how many people would be interested in the adventure. Then contact us for reservations.

What is the purpose for the three different adventures?2015-01-27T18:58:14-07:00

The overall purpose is to either begin to enjoy God or deepen your enjoyment of God and His desires. The goal of the first adventure reBOOT is to experience Jesus and to get a better image of what He has done for you, or to be reminded and to deepen in the experience of Jesus and what he is doing in you. The goal of the second adventure reNEW is to practice the desires of your new heart as God renews you and be trained to help others experience the same thing. The goal of the third adventure reCALL is to explore God’s work in your life and to receive coaching so that you can understand God’s call and begin to carry it out.

Do I have to have experience in white water rafting, rock climbing, hiking, and/or any other outdoor activities?2015-01-27T18:58:10-07:00

No, but you have to go on the reBOOT adventure before going on the reNEW adventure. It would be preferred, but not required, that you experience both the reBOOT AND the reNEW adventures before going on the reCALL adventure.

How do I get to the adventure site and when should I arrive there?2015-01-27T18:57:59-07:00

For the reBOOT adventure in La Salle, Camping Green Park (visit www.villaggi.com/english/valledaosta/greenpark/ for a map) is located in Val d’Aosta beyond the town of Aosta.   To arrive by public transportation, take a train to Aosta.   Exit the train at Aosta and go to the Aosta bus terminal which is across the street from the train station. Buy a round trip ticket to La Salle for a SAVDA Bus (see www.savda.it/it/orari.php for precise bus schedules to La Salle).  Get on and validate your ticket and get off at La Salle (Ask the bus driver to leave you off close to the Camping Green Park Campground.  From there, find Frazione Chez Borgne and follow it up hill.  Turn right onto Via dei Romani.  The campground is on the right at Via dei Romani, 4.  Follow the signs to our campsite.  To arrive by car, take A5 (Toll road) and get off at the Morgex exit toward SS26.  Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Aosta/La Salle and merge onto SS26.  Turn left onto Frazione Chez Borgne.  Take the 2nd right to stay on Frazione Chez Borgne.  Turn right onto Via dei Romani.  The campground is on the right atVia dei Romani, 4.  Follow the signs to our campsite.   Use this address for google maps directions from Malpensa: Camping Green Park, Via dei Romani, 4, La Salle, Italy.

For the reBOOT adventure in Valsavarenche, Camping Gran Paradiso (visit www.campinggranparadiso.it/UKindex.html for a map) is located in Valsavarenche in Val d’Aosta.
To arrive by public transportation, take a train to Aosta.  Exit the train and go to the bus station is across the street from the train station. Buy a round trip ticket to Eau Rousse for SAVDA buses (see www.savda.it/it/orari.php for precise bus schedules to Valsavarenche).  Get on and validate your ticket.  They leave from Aosta train station for Valsavarenche and will take you to the campground.  You MUST ask to get off at the gate for Camping Gran Paradiso. Follow the signs to our campsite.
To arrive by car, take A5 (Toll Road) and exit at the Aosta Ovest highway exit.  Head towards Monte Bianco, after about three kilometers you arrive in Villeneuve make sure to look for the ramp right (do not go straight through a tunnel) and then follow the signs for Valsavarenche (through the town of Introd and up). Continue up the valley for twenty kilometers.  Camping Gran Paradiso is on the left!  Follow the signs to our campsite. Use this address for google maps directions from Malpensa: Camping Grand Paradiso, 1 Localita’ Plan De La Pesse, Valsavarenche, AO 11010, Italy.

For the reNEW & reCALL adventures, we will meet at either il Rifugio or the train station in Turin at 6 on the departure date (see contact page for Il Rifugio address & map).

I don’t have ______ can I rent it for reBOOT?2015-01-27T18:57:56-07:00

Yes, we have several items to rent for the week at reBOOT.  We need to know what you want to rent 2 weeks before the adventure.  Send an email to info@intothewildernes.eu to reserve your gear!

Sleeping bag (rated to-10°)-  8 €
Sleeping Pad ( 2 cm insulated)-  2 €
Water-proof Shell (Jacket)-  5 €

Where is the location of the event?2015-01-27T18:57:52-07:00

reBOOT Full Immersion English & Family Camp: Camping Green Park in La Salle (AO)
reNEW & reNEW Lite: in one or more of the following valleys: Val Varaita, Valle Po, Val Pellice, Val Chisone and Val di Susa–Provinces of Torino & Cuneo)
reTURN Sons, reTURN Daughters: in one or more of the following valleys: Val Varaita, Valle Po, Val Pellice, Val Chisone and Val di Susa–Provinces of Torino & Cuneo)
reTURN Father & Son- Camping Gran Paradiso & Rifugio Vittorio Emanuele

I have signed up for one of the adventures. What do I need to bring?2015-01-27T18:57:48-07:00

See Registration page!

When do I need to sign up?2015-04-05T19:29:26-07:00

Depends on the adventure, see calendar of events for specific sign-up deadlines. You must complete the registration form and pay the deposit in order to be registered for the adventure. The rest of the money is due 15 days before the adventure.  Due to the limited amount of spaces, it is encouraged to sign up as soon as possible.

What is the age range?2015-01-27T18:57:41-07:00

16 and up is the general guideline, however we evaluate maturity level by requiring that you fill out a registration form and provide references. We do not limit age, but these adventures do require lots of physical activity in a high elevation.

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