I am afraid of ______!

Fears are natural, and almost always block us from God’s desire for our lives.  Face those fears with God, and let Him transform you. Psalm 34:4 “I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all of my fears.”

What can I do to prepare for my adventure?

Physically – For all adventures it is recommended to do cardiovascular exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes a day 8 weeks prior to your arrival at ITW, preferably with an incline. Also, we recommend basic core training will help prepare you for all movements. See physical training for a list of exercises. Spiritually – A great [...]

I want to grow as a disciple maker. How can I serve?

Another passion of ours is to train those who equip others to make disciples. Each adventure is broken down into smaller teams that we call discipleship triads who do life together for the week. A discipleship team leader serves their team by providing for their growth, protection, and direction.

What is the purpose for the three different adventures?

The overall purpose is to either begin to enjoy God or deepen your enjoyment of God and His desires. The goal of the first adventure reBOOT is to experience Jesus and to get a better image of what He has done for you, or to be reminded and to deepen in the experience of Jesus [...]

How do I get to the adventure site and when should I arrive there?

For the reBOOT adventure in La Salle, Camping Green Park (visit for a map) is located in Val d’Aosta beyond the town of Aosta.   To arrive by public transportation, take a train to Aosta.   Exit the train at Aosta and go to the Aosta bus terminal which is across the street from the train station. Buy a round trip ticket to [...]

I don’t have ______ can I rent it for reBOOT?

Yes, we have several items to rent for the week at reBOOT.  We need to know what you want to rent 2 weeks before the adventure.  Send an email to to reserve your gear! Sleeping bag (rated to-10°)-  8 € Sleeping Pad ( 2 cm insulated)-  2 € Water-proof Shell (Jacket)-  5 €

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