Exploring the Outdoors and Our Identity as Spiritual Children

As we adventure together, we will explore who we are as men and how God matures us through freedom and responsibility. During our 5 day trek, we will stay in mountain huts and bivouacs or tents, cook in alpine settings and explore creation.  Each day we will explore a theme and connect it to the day’s excursion, such as rock climbing*, mountaineering* and navigation.  As a result, our goal is that your relationship will deepen with the Father and mature as a son.


ITW designs custom backpacking adventures to develop authentic community and leadership skills. Living in the wilderness, trekking through the mountains, and serving one another creates a context for individuals to grow in their relationship with God and in their relationships with each other.

Rock Climbing and Via Ferrata*

This experience is an extraordinary way to safely push individuals beyond their comfort zones. The ITW rock climbing and via ferrata adventures challenge individuals to face and overcome fears, build trust in themselves and others, and grow in self confidence. Rock climbing and via ferrata can expose the character of an individual and the dynamics of a quad, and it is often a stimulus for faith building, spiritual renewal, character formation, and community development.


This experience is a perfect context to push individuals beyond their comfort zones. The ITW mountaineering component challenges individuals to face and overcome fears, grow as team players, and grow in technical skills. Mountaineering can expose the character of an individual and the dynamics of a team, and it is often a stimulus for faith building and community development.

What to expect at reTURN – Sons

  • Expect to have an amazing and life transforming experience. For many participants this will be a once in a lifetime wilderness adventure experience.
  • Expect to have fun, but also recognize that a ITW adventure is a challenge. You and your quad will be tested mentally and spiritually.
  • Expect to be spiritually challenged. ITW is first and foremost a ministry, and we desire to test, inspire and encourage individuals in their spiritual life.
  • Expect God to move in extraordinary ways to change the hearts of individuals.
  • Expect to experience deep and significant community and relationship building. This is an exciting time for participants! You should anticipate vulnerability, transparency, honesty and maybe even some tears.
  • Expect to be challenged as leaders and servants. ITW intentionally creates opportunities for individuals to serve one another.
  • Expect that you will be involved and engaged. ITW staff will unpack activities each day to make mid-course corrections. Often as a quad or leader ITW staff will invite you in this process. To create an excellent adventure, be available. Don’t come with the expectation that this is just a vacation. It is also a ministry experience.
  • Expect to team up with your ITW staff. At the end of the day, they are responsible. Legal and administrative policy dictates that the final decision in any matter belongs to the ITW guide. However, ITW guides will include you and rely on you for insight, wisdom and direction about the people in your quad.

reTURN - Sons

  • No events scheduled
  • Ages +14 (men only)
  • 10 participants
  • Registration deadline is 1st July