Discover God’s Unique Call for Your Life

Are you looking for something to push you to the limit, but shorter?  Something that will challenge you physically, emotionally, spiritually and even mentally, but not overwhelm you?  Is this your first time fasting and practicing other spiritual disciplines? Then our reCALL Lite is for you!

ITW organizes this 4 day custom backpacking experience in the breathtaking Val Varaita, Val Pellice, Val Chisone and Val di Susa so that you can enjoy the outdoors, grow through experiential learning, learn backcountry living and survival skills, connect deeply with other people, grow in serving one another and meet with Jesus for an extended period of time.

Your stay with us includes camping in tents together and alone, participating in excursions, eating healthy back county meals and learning new outdoor skills as well as how to respect creation.  You will carry both your personal gear and community gear on your back for the duration of the adventure.

As we journey together in the wilderness, you will have the opportunity to explore God’s work in your life and your brokenness so that you might seek God for deeper healing and His unique calling for your life.  We will serve together, learn together and explore together as a group for one day before entering into two days of solitude, silence, meditation and fasting.  You will discover that there is truly no substitute for silence and solitude if you want to hear from God!  Finally, we will regroup as a community to discover, clarify and celebrate how God has spoken to each of us.


ITW designs custom backpacking adventures to develop authentic community and leadership skills. Living in the wilderness, trekking through the mountains, and serving one another creates an environment for individuals to grow in their relationship with Christ and in their relationships with others.

What to expect at reCALL – Lite

  • Expect to have an amazing and life transforming experience. For many participants this will be a once in a lifetime wilderness ministry experience.
  • Expect to have fun, but also recognize that a ITW adventure is a challenge. You and your quad will be tested physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • Expect to be physically challenged. ITW adventures can be physically demanding and at times physically uncomfortable.
  • Expect to be emotionally challenged. ITW adventures will push you past emotional comfort zones.
  • Expect to be mentally challenged.  ITW adventures will test your mental strength during certain physical challenges.
  • Expect to be spiritually challenged. ITW is first and foremost a ministry, and we desire to test, inspire and encourage individuals in their spiritual life.
  • Expect difficult conditions, rugged camping and varied weather which may include snow, rain, wind and hail. This may create tests for participants and an occasion for individual growth.
  • Expect God to move in extraordinary ways to change the hearts of individuals.
  • Expect to experience deep and significant community and relationship building. This is an exciting time for participants! You should anticipate vulnerability, transparency, honesty and maybe even some tears.
  • Expect to be challenged as leaders and servants. ITW intentionally creates opportunities for individuals to serve one another. Assume that some people will excel and others will wrestle with leadership responsibilities.
  • Expect the need to be flexible. ITW develops itineraries and establishes goals for each adventure, but each adventure varies. ITW staff are continually assessing the participants, weather, environmental conditions, and group dynamics during a adventure and then making mid course corrections.
  • Expect that you will be involved and engaged. ITW staff will unpack activities each day to make mid-course corrections. Often as a quad or leader ITW staff will invite you in this process. To create an excellent adventure, be available. Don’t come with the expectation that this is just a vacation. It is also a ministry experience.
  • Expect to team up with your ITW staff. At the end of the day, they are responsible. Legal and administrative policy dictates that the final decision in any matter belongs to the ITW guide. However, ITW guides will include you and rely on you for insight, wisdom and direction about the people in your quad.

reCALL - Lite

  • ]21 July – 24 July (4 days)
  • Ages +14
  • 12 participants
  • Registration deadline is 1st July